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Who the heck is Beth Hannan Rimmels?

Beth Hannan Rimmels is a film and television critic and journalist specializing in comic books, science fiction and fantasy. A life-long fan, she majored in film and television production and criticism in college and minored in theater. She got her start in the newspaper business when she went to work for The Baltimore Sun. She soon began covering the comic book and entertainment fields when she transferred to the Features Department. During her tenure there, she worked on The Sun's TV Book and wrote about video, television and comic books, among other topics.

After a brief stint working for tech magazines, she became part of the creative team behind The Long Island Voice, a sister publication to New York’s Village Voice. As the entertainment listings editor, she created the paper’s largest and most popular section before becoming film editor. She also wrote the weekly comic book column, Stripped, which attracted readers both nationally and internationally through the Long Island Voice’s Web site.

She has been a judge for the Will Eisner Comic Book Industry Awards, which are considered the Oscars of the comic book industry. She has also donated her time to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, which protects First Amendment rights in the comic book industry. Currently, in addition to ComicSutra and contributions to various papers, she is also a film critic for Film.Com, specializing in science fiction, and a film and television critic for The Island Ear.