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1999 Ignatz Awards

The Ignatz Awards are given at SPX (Small Press Expo) to recognize outstanding achievement in comics and cartooning. A panel of five cartoonists developed the ballot listed below, which will be voted on by Expo attendees. This years Ignatz Jurors were Frank Cho, Jordan Crane, Jon Lewis, Carla "Speed" McNeil, and Jim Ottaviani. Winners were announced at the Ignatz Awards Banquet on Saturday, September 18, 1999. Bold indicates the winners.

Outstanding Artist:

Frank Cho (Liberty Meadows #1, Insight Studios Group)
Eric Shanower (Age of Bronze, Image Comics)
Dylan Horrocks (Hicksville, Blackeye)
Dave Choe (Slow Jams, Non #3 & 4, Red Ink)
Pat McEown (Kissin' Cousin, Heart Throb #4)

Outstanding Graphic Novel or Collection:

Cages (Dave McKean, Kitchen Sink)
Hey Mister: Celebrity Roast (Pete Sickman-Garner, Top Shelf Productions)
Hicksville (Dylan Horrocks, Black Eye)
Time Warp (Ed Hillyer, Slab-O-Concrete)
Tiny Bubbles (James Kochalka, Highwater Books)

Outstanding Story:

"Sex & Violence: Part 2" (David Lapham, Stray Bullets #18, El Capitan Books)
"Cavewoman: Jungle Tales" (Budd Root, Basement Comics)
"David Boring" (Dan Clowes, Eightball #20, Fantagraphics)
"Over the Line" (Scott Roberts, Patty-Cake and Friends #13, Slave Labor)
"Slow Jams" (David Choe, Non #3 & #4, Red Ink)

Promising New Talent:

Leland Myrick (Sweet, Adept Books)
Madison Clell (Cuckoo, Green Door Studios)
Jason Little (Jack's Luck Runs Out, Top Shelf Productions)
Dave Kiersh ("Is Kissing a Girl Who Smokes Like Kissing an Ashtray," Non #4, Red Ink)
Brian Ralph (Fireball #7, Fort Thunder)

Outstanding Series:

Age of Bronze (Eric Shanower, Image Comics)
Clan Apis (Jay Hosler, Active Synapse Comics)
Strangehaven (Gary Spencer Millidge, Abiogenesis)
Gen 13: Magical Drama Queen Roxy (Adam Warren, Wildstorm)
The Extended Dream of Mr. D (Max, Drawn & Quarterly)

Outstanding Comic:

Liberty Meadows #1 (Frank Cho, Insight Studio Group)
American Splendor: Transatlantic Comics (Pekar, Sacco, Stack &
Hundreds of Feet Below Daylight (James Sturm, Drawn & Quarterly)
The Jew of New York (Ben Katchor, Pantheon Books)
Oracle (Joe Zabel & Gary Dumm, Amazing Montage)

Outstanding Minicomic:

Tales of the Great Unspoken (Aaron Augenblick)
Ped Xing (Androo Robinson)
Bolol Belittle (Mat Brinkman)
Fireball #7 (Brian Ralph)
Noe-Fie #8 (Kurt Wolfgang)