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Oddjob #1

(This review originally appeared in NextPlanetOver's The Scoop. However, its archive has since been disabled.)

Reviewed By Beth Hannan Rimmels

Writer: Ian and Tyson Smith
Artist: Ian and Tyson Smith
Publisher: Slave Labor Graphics

The only thing I hate about discovering a title after it switches from self-publishing to an independent publisher is that I then want to hunt down all the back issues. That’s the case with Oddjob.

A new series released by Slave Labor Graphics, its previous incarnation was The Odd Adventure-Zine. The star of Oddjob is Moe, the perpetually goggled investigator of cases too bizarre for the police or other law enforcement agencies. He’s often assisted by his friends Robin, an unemployed "conceptual" clown (hence the rabbit ears and Hawaiian shirt) and Moose Mulligan, owner of The Spittoon, Spiral City’s second-freshest smelling bar.

Imagine Vertigo characters wandering into a Cartoon Network series or a funnier version of Men in Black and that will give you an idea of this delightfully loopy series. How can you not smile when a threatening letter in the series is sent on stationary from the "Spiral City Sanitarium for the Slightly Askew and Mentally Akimbo"? Or that the stolen artifact is "The Indecipherable Cookbook," an ancient relic from a lost cult of European confectioners.

In addition to the main story, "Death by Gummi," Oddjob #1 also includes a short Moe back-up story, "Casefile 732: Puddles of Mystery." The computer-drawn art is nicely done in a cartoony style that matches the tone of the writing. The Smith brothers have created a fun book that should appeal to X-Files fans that have a sense of humor.

1999 NextPlanetOver.