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Harvey Award Ballots Released

The Harvey Awards Committee has now made the nominating ballots for the 2001 Harvey Awards available to comic book creators, professionals and publishers. More than 2,000 ballots have been mailed and must be returned by February 16, 2001. The Harvey Awards are named after the late Harvey Kurtzman and honor outstanding work in comics and sequential art. Nominations are selected by comics professionals. Qualified professionals who wish to vote may request a a ballot by calling 972-690-5491 or send an email with his or her name, street address and a brief list of his or her comic credentials to ballots@HarveyAwards.org.

Professionals will be asked to suggest five nominations in 20 categories, ranging from Best New Talent to Best Cartoonist. Nominations receiving the most votes will appear on the final ballot in March. Nominated work must have been published between January 1 and December 31, 2000 to be eligible. To assist voters, the Harvey Awards Committee, with the assistance of Diamond Comic Distributors, has made available a list of titles that were available for sale in the year 2000 through the Diamond Distribution system. The list is available online at HarveyAwards.org. This list is not necessarily comprehensive and does not include titles distributed through other sources. Items not on the list are eligible if released during 2000, but the Harvey Awards Committee will verify eligibility.

This year, the final Harvey Awards Ballot will be available online in addition to the usual paper ballot. Qualified professionals wishing to register to vote online should email his or her full name, a valid email address and a brief list of his or her work in comics to register@HarveyAwards.org. The Harvey Awards Committee will then provide qualified voters with a password to access the secure voting section of the  website. The 2001 Harvey Awards Ceremony will take place on Friday, April 27th at the Pittsburgh Comicon. The master of ceremonies will be Evan Dorkin (Milk and Cheese, Dork!). The awards ceremony is free, but space is limited. Information on the pre-awards banquet is not yet available. Please see the Harvey Awards Web site for information updates.