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Mel, Night's Signs at Delaware Valley

Andrew Ullman, location scout director M. Night Shyamalan's next film, Signs, has confirmed that Delaware Valley College in Pennsylvania will be one of the film's locations, specifically the campus' farmland.

"We did [select Del Val]," Ullman told The Bucks County Courier Times, confirming that he had visited farms all over Bucks County, Pa. "But that's all I can say because of liability issues."

A spokesperson from the college's public relation office refused to confirm or deny the information. According to Ullman, set designers would likely arrive at the college later this month for the September filming start date. Philadelphia resident Shyamalan shot his previous films in his hometown, so shooting this one nearby makes perfect sense.

Signs will be the third film Shyamalan has written and directed, with the previous two being Sixth Sense  and Unbreakable, both of which starred Bruce Willis in different roles. This third film, like the other two, is is being produced by Touchstone Pictures and is surrounded by secrecy, another hallmark of Shyamalan's. Both films featured twists at the end, with the ending to the Sixth Sense driving people to see the movie twice to make sure the film played fair with the hints (and it did). What little has been said about the new film is that a farmer, played by Mel Gibson, finds crop circles in his fields.

The Bucks County Courier Times also announced that the film's casting directors are seeking a local boy between the ages of six and eight who speaks Portuguese for a role in the film. Head shot photographs and resumes should be sent to Mike Lemon Casting, 413 N. 7th St., Suite 602, Philadelphia, PA 19123. Casting information is also posted on the Greater Philadelphia Film Office Web site by clicking on the hotline icon on the main information page.