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Avatar Pairs Avengelyne and Shi

Avatar Press has announced a full color crossover this fall of Avengelyne and Crusade Entertainment's Shi in the one-shot Avengelyne/Shi: Tenshi, written by Robert Lugibihl (Demonslayer, Avengelyne) and drawn by Sean Shaw (Gen 13 Bootleg, Avengelyne: Revelation). The issue will be available in variant covers drawn by David Finch, Billy Tucci, Rob Liefeld and Al Rio and will be released in October.

"Any indy character who has crossed over with the likes of Wolverine and Witchblade has got something special going on," says Avatar Press editor in chief William Christensen. "That something special is the care and detail Billy has put into growing the character and telling her story. I'm pleased to be able to combine that singular quality with the exceptional work Robert Lugibihl and Sean Shaw have done on their respective Avengelyne projects at Avatar."

"William Christensen has been a friend for years, and we've always wanted to work together," says Shi creator Billy Tucci. "Avengelyne is one of the most thought provoking, and well-researched books out there. And because they share some similar themes, Shi and Avengelyne are two indy comics vehicles on a collision course to making one the most enjoyable and visually exciting crossovers of the summer!"

The title, Tenshi, refers to the Japanese word for angel, the and the story will cut through history to feature two different incarnations of the characters. Yuri Ishikawa, the 17th century ancestor of the modern day Shi, calls upon the fully angelic Avengelyne to help her battle a samurai possessed by the demon lord Akuma. In 21st century New York, the now mortal Avengelyne is captured by a descendant of that samurai who offers her body as a vessel for the his new master, Akuma. At the same time, Ana Ishikawa (a.k.a. Shi), is compelled by a mysterious woman to save the fallen angel who had aided her ancestor.

"For those who have never read either Avengelyne or Shi, this book will be a completely reader-friendly experience and the perfect introduction to both of these great characters." says writer Robert Lugibihl. "But for those who have been longtime fans of one or both of them, it's definitely NOT your typical throwaway crossover. There are events and revelations in this story that have lasting significance in the mythos of Avengelyne and Shi. This one's got everything: history, mythology, angels, demons, samurai...and two beautiful, strong-willed protagonists who do some major butt-kicking."