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CDNOW Recruits Kochalka

CDNOW has asked cartoonist/musician James Kochalka (Quit Your Job, Peanutbutter & Jeremy, Triple Dare) to join an eclectic group of musicians for its ongoing television, radio and print campaign that promotes the online retailer's wide range of offerings. Other musicians participating include Punjabi star Daler Mehndi; Spoon, an indie trio from Austin, Texas, indie trio; The Danielson Family, an experimental Christian group; Keola Beamer, one of the leaders of the Hawaiian Cultural Renaissance; one-man band Dave Harris; and Tuvan throat-singer Anatoli Kuular of Huun-Huur-Ttu. Information on the recording artists participating in the campaign can be viewed here. James Kochalkaís first CD was The True Story of James Kochalka Superstar.

"My first CD was released on July 1, 1995, the day of my wedding to my lovely wife Amy," said
Kochalka, "But I had been making music for more than a decade before the first CD released."

Kochalka follow-up releases included Monkey vs. Robot, Carrot Boy the Beautiful and Kissers. Kochalkaís next musical release will be Donít Trust Whitey.

"It's less rock than Monkey Vs. Robot and more electronic," said Kochalka, "Itís a pretty fun album. Years of hard work went into making this album... I had the whole thing finished about a year ago, then decided it wasn't good enough and started over. What we have now is a masterpiece. The amazing thing is that although a lot of hard work went into its creation and it was a real struggle to complete, it sounds like a completely joyful eruption. You donít really hear the struggle, you hear the pure joy of musical experience. Hopefully it will go into production any day now and be ready to debut around the beginning of July. My past albums have done really well on college radio and I expect this one will too."

In his other career, Kochalka is a critically acclaimed cartoonist whose comic books and graphic novels have been nominated for awards such as the Ignatz award, the Eisner award, the Firecracker Alternative Books award, and the Harvey award. Kochalka's titles can be found at Alternative Comics.