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Fans Tearing Out to Get Fray

Dark Horse Comics expected Fray, the new eight-issue miniseries by Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon to do well but no one expected it to sell out within two weeks of its June 6 shipping date. Demand has been so high that Dark Horse is going back to print for an additional 10,000 of the comic, drawn by artist Karl Moline.

Whedon has an excellent reputation both in Hollywood, where he's written numerous screenplays in addition to creating, writing and sometimes directing Buffy, and among fans, but this was his first non-Buffy comic, though it does deal with the slayer mythos Whedon created. Fray is set in the distant future and the title character, Melaka Fray, is a thief who doesn't realize she has inherited the powers of the slayer.

Fray has attracted a great deal of mainstream attention, including a "Winner of the Week" notation in Entertainment Weekly's books section, and mentions in TV Guide, The Chicago Tribune, The New York Post, Maxim Blender, E! Entertainment online, the Associated Press (AP), and in dozens of other periodicals and regional newspapers.  US News and World Report included Fray among its Top Picks in the "News You Can Use" section with this recommendation: "The creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer turns to the next generation of huntresses. Buffy heir Melaka Fray wanders an irradiated metropolis, drawn and inked with campy, four-color goodness, while Whedon plays with his formula of horror, action, and family drama just enough to keep things fresh."

"We've had more inquiries about Joss Whedon's Fray than we had about Kevin Smith's Daredevil and Green Arrow combined," said Chicago-area comics retailer Jim Mortensen, owner of Comix Revolution. "Rabid Buffy fans were talking about the book for months, and with the TV Guide coverage we sold out our initial orders and have reordered four times."

Fray #1 reprints will have a new logo and will be available the week of July 4, along with the second issue of the series.