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Galactica Finds Home at Fox

More than two years of speculation within the science fiction community ended when Fox Broadcasting Co. has ordered a two-hour movie, directed by Bryan Singer (X-Men, The Usual Suspects), from Studios USA based on the 1978-80 ABC television series. The new movie will also serve as a pilot for a possible Galactica series for the 2002-03 season. Singer had previously agreed to executive produce the film along with his business partner Tom DeSanto, Dan Angel and Billy Brown, but directing was dependent on his schedule for X-Men 2. The film will have a split broadcasting window with Studios USA's cable network, The Sci Fi Channel.

The movie is described as a "next-generation" Galactica set after the seventh-millennium time frame of the original series.

"Our goal is to take the Galactica franchise and move it forward in both style and character while bringing the scope and sensibility of epic science fiction filmmaking to the small screen," said Singer.

Unfortunately, the Fox/Studios USA deal hasn't ended the controversy regarding the plot. A posting on BattlestarGalactica.com laments the fact that none of the original actors have been asked to participate in the new film. The site, which is owned by Richard Hatch, who has been working on his own Galactica revival, Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming, while encouraged by the caliber of behind the scenes talent in the new film, is adamant that in order to be successful, the new movie must fulfill the fans' wishes and that includes respectful treatment of the original characters (and preferably, the original actors' participation). The site includes page with information on a polite letter-writing campaign urging the producers to take the fans' desires into account.