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Avengers/JLA to Team

DC Comics and Marvel Comics have announced a joint project that will mix both universes as well as the JLA and Avengers. The four-issue monthly miniseries will alternate publishers and be released under the names Avengers/JLA and JLA/Avengers. The miniseries will written and illustrated by the Avengers team of Kurt Busiek and George Perez. Each issue will be 48 pages squarebound and co-edited by DC's Dan Raspler and Marvel's Tom Brevoort. A publication date has not been scheduled yet.

"Needless to say, after nearly two decades, I'm ecstatic and grateful beyond words that I'm finally getting to realize a lifelong fanboy dream," says George Perez, "I know that expectations are going to be very high and I will work like a demon to meet them. With the help of such incredible talents as Kurt Busiek, [colorist] Tom Smith, Tom Brevoort and Dan Raspler, I think that Earth's Greatest and Mightiest Heroes are in capable, loving hands." 

Perez was referencing to the cancelled plans for a JLA/Avengers team-up 20 years ago after the successful release of X-Men/Titans.

"I've got two great challenges here," says Kurt Busiek, "The first is to put these two incredible teams to the test by pitting them against impossible odds, and the second is to give George loads of characters doing as many things as possible. And I'm not sure which will be more fun!"

"From my first week as EIC, Avengers/JLA was one of the things that I wanted on the fast track," says Joe Quesada, Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief. "Thanks to Tom Brevoort his relentless effort and sleepless nights and our pals at DC, this project is on the move and fans will get their wish. The most asked-about story in the history of our glorious medium is finally under way!"

"After all these years, we're able to give the fans what they've been asking for," says Mike Carlin, DC Comics Executive Editor for the DC Universe. "I think we're gonna see a lot of smiling faces in comics shops (and on George!) when this thing gets underway."