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Dark Horse Launches Rocket Comics

By Beth Hannan Rimmels

Dark Horse Comics has announced a new imprint, Rocket Comics, which is a line of action/adventure comics. It will debut summer 2003. Rocket Comics will feature high-energy adventure stories and strong characters who exist in extreme situations, but who at their core are average people.

The first Rocket Comics will be six ongoing titles.  Arriving in July will be Lone and Go Boy 7. Lone, written by Stuart Moore with art by Jerome Opena, is a  Mad Max-style western featuring Lone, a mysterious gunman. Go Boy 7, written by Tom Peyer with art by Jon Sommariva, stars Jonny Zero, a young boy whose life was saved with an injection of robotic nanoplasm that turns him into a human action machine.

August sees the debuts of Syn, written by Keith Giffen with art by Greg Titus and Hell, written by Brian Augustyn with art by Skottie Young. Syn is set on a planet inhabited by machines and features a robot bounty hunter on the run. Hell is about a young boy who ends up on a bizarre island inhabited by strange creatures and government experiments gone awry.

Galactic and Crush will debut in September. Galactic, written by Jim Krueger with art by Sanford Greene, features a boy pulled out of his reality to become part of an interplanetary police force. Crush, written by Jason Hall with art by Sunny Lee, tells the tale of young Elizabeth Crush an ordinary girl who undergoes an extraordinary and unexpected transformation on her eighteenth birthday.

"I'm really excited about the debut of Rocket Comics," said liine editor Dave Land. "The talent involved in these titles is amazing and I can't wait for the fan's reaction. These stories are just too cool!"

For additional information go to Rocketcomics.net.