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Blade Action Times Three

Even before Blade II is released, plans for a third film are coming together. David Goyer, who wrote both the original and its current sequel, admitted that his original take on the Marvel Comics character was to do it as a trilogy. "When I originally came in and sat down with New Line, I pitched a trilogy of films," said Goyer. "Let's just say in the first two films the vampires keep on trying all these James Bondian ways of taking over the world, and I just thought for the third one, f-ck it. They should just do it. We should just cut forward X amount of years, and they've won. And now they are the status quo. And what would the world be like, and what does Blade do then?"

Blade II director Guillermo del Toro will return if Goyer’s premise remains intact. "If we agree on the take that David and I are proposing, yes," del Toro said. "Which is, the vampires have won, and the whole world is basically a milking factory of humans feeding vampires. It's like a concentration camp for humans. And if that is the world, I would love it, because then you can take it to a new level of nightmarish visuals that the movie will need, that the franchise will need."

Wesley Snipes, who is both star and producer of the films, has already committed to a third installment. Co-star Kris Kristofferson is also willing to return because as he told Goyer, "I have to, because my kids would never let me live it down. They love the Blade movies."

"It's unusual to be in a situation where you get a whole trilogy to do," said Goyer. "It's not that often you can do that. Which is one of the reasons why I knew I wanted to come back. It's fun writing a sequel to your own movie."

Blade II opens March 22.