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Nuff Said! Guest Updates

Additional guests have been scheduled for the two special editions of Nuff Said!, the long-running comic book interview/talk show, that will air at 10 - 11 a.m. Nov. 25 and 7 - 8 p.m. Dec. 5. The first show, which is on Women and Comics, will now feature Mercy Van Vlack, Nuff Said!'s former co-host and a former writer for Richie Rich, inker for Malibu and DC Comics, production person with Defiant Comics and co-publisher, penciller, inker, colorist and creative director for Evolution Comics. Also joining host Ken Gale and previously announced guest Trina Robbins will be Carol Cooper, a writer for the Village Voice and an active member of Friends of Lulu, the organization that works with comic book professionals and fans to  educate the public about and promote comics by and for girls and women.

The Thursday evening show on Comics in the Classroom. will now include Alex Simmons and Dan Tandarich, both of whom use comics as teaching tools in the classroom. Alex is also the creator and writer of Blackjack; Dan is also from the New York City Comics Museum.

If you won't be home during the broadcasts, there is an article on how to tape radio using your VCR at http://www.comicbookradioshow.com/vcr.html

There are TWO live streams (via 2600.com and escape.com) that you can get from the Nuff Said web site, http://www.comicbookradioshow.com. Please note the new domain name for Nuff Said. The old domain has been taken over by a porn site, the former registrar simply wouldn't let Ken Gale re-register it so the name had to change. If one access is unavailable, try the other. Everyone with the right software (and there's a free download link from the site) should be able to get through now.

Bernard White, WBAI-FM's program director, has said on the air that 'Nuff Said! has not been canceled, just "on hiatus," but host Ken Gale has not been told anything about a possible return to the air. Gale cannot speculate as to whether White hasn't finalized plans or is simply trying to stop the flow of phone calls and e-mails asking for its return. White's email address (it's not a typo) is burnardwhite@aol.com and his voicemail is (212) 209-2834. The street address is WBAI-FM, 120 Wall St., 10th flr, New York, NY 10005. Those wanting the return of Nuff Said should remember that letters have the greatest impact. White did schedule the Women and Comics special, so perhaps listener feedback is making a difference. Regardless, it always better to be polite when requesting the return of a missing or canceled program of any type.