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Alan Moore Announces Courtyard

Avatar Press has announced a new two-part miniseries from Alan Moore. The Courtyard is a story of psychological horror that features art by Jacen Burrows (Bad World, Scars), and sequential adaptation by Antony Johnston. The Courtyard debuts January 2003. 

"Alan Moore is among the very best writers of the last twenty years," said colleague Warren Ellis. "Antony Johnston is one of the best of the new generation of writers. Jacen Burrows is probably the best new artist of the last year. On the basis of the amassed talent alone, The Courtyard is explosive."

"The Courtyard was my attempt to write a story within the mythology of H.P. Lovecraft that did not try to regurgitate Lovecraft's style," said Moore. "It was an attempt to write a Lovecraftian story that was set in what was then the near future rather than in a Lovecraftian Era. As such, I thought it was a very successful story and it has always been a little favorite of mine in terms of my horror output. I am looking forward a great deal to seeing what Jacen does with the Avatar version."

"As someone who practically grew up on comics like Moore's Swamp Thing and Miracleman, I'm particularly proud to be involved with the first new Alan Moore sequential horror project in years," said  William A. Christensen, Avatar Press editor in chief. "I've been talking with Moore extensively over the past several weeks getting this series set up exactly the way he envisions it. As much as I've avidly followed his work over the years it's even more incredible to see that storytelling intellect in action first hand. He's given us some very detailed commentary and outlined in depth how this tale should unfold on the comic page, as well as feedback on Jason and Antony's work in progress. This saga will be as pure Alan Moore as we can make
it, and Jacen Burrows and Antony Johnston are the right people to execute that dark vision."