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Brubaker and Fisher Re-Up

Writer Ed Brubaker (Catwoman, Detective Comics, Gotham Central, Point Blank) and artist Seth Fisher (Green Lantern: WillWorld, Vertigo Pop!: Tokyo) have extended their exclusive contracts to work for DC Comics. Brubaker renewed his contract for two years; Fisher signed on for one year.

"DC offers me a lot of room to stretch my wings and try different material," says Brubaker. "On top of my regular monthly gigs (Catwoman and Detective Comics), there are new projects like Gotham Central and WildStorm's Sleeper, as well as some secret projects for Vertigo and DC all coming up in the next year. The people at DC, from my editors - Matt Idelson, Bob Schreck, Scott Dunbier, Will Dennis and Mike Carlin - to upper management like Dan DiDio, Jack Mahan, Bob Wayne, and Paul Levitz - have all let me know how appreciated I am at the company, and how much they like the work I'm doing. That makes a big difference when signing on for a two year exclusive."

Fisher has signed on with DC for a one-year exclusive. 

"DC has trusted me to create again and again, knowing that my work is predictably unpredictable, trusting that I would give each new idea the effort it needed to be realized," says Fisher. "I think my editors have even more faith in my work than I do. It's pretty hard for me to leave a family like that. I am looking forward to another inspiring year with DC."