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Garner Leaps Into Elektra Spin-off

By Beth Hannan Rimmels

It comes as no surprise to comic book readers and film industry watchers to hear that 20th Century Fox and production partner Regency Enterprises has cemented a deal with Jennifer Garner to star in an action spin-off featuring the character Elektra Natchios, who was introduced in the recent hit film Daredevil, starring Ben Affleck. The Elektra film will be set after events in Daredevil, in which Garner's character seemingly died though it ended with a scene that appeared to indicate Elektra survived. This is no surprise either to comic book fans since one of the most famous Daredevil story arcs by Frank Miller featured Elektra's death and return.

Garner, 30, played the modern-day ninja girlfriend of Affleck's title character, a blind attorney who develops superhuman senses that allow him to become an anonymous vigilante pursuing justice. Daredevil has been the number one box office movie for the last two weekends. Fox also confirmed that a Daredevil sequel is also  in the works.

Garner, who has been gathering praise and awards for her day job as the star of the espionage series Alias, is the second actress to win a spin-off film series derived from a male action franchise. Halle Berry recently agreed to reprise her role as Jinx from last year's James Bond movie Die Another Day. The new film will be independent of the Bond franchise.