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Alex Sinclair Named Editor at WildStorm

By Beth Hannan Rimmels

Alex Sinclair, colorist and art director for WildStorm Productions, has been promoted to editor and will report to group editor Scott Dunbier.

Sinclair first joined WildStorm in 1993 as its first staff colorist. His work as a colorist on titles such as Harley Quinn, Batman, and Superman/Batman: Generations 3, has critically praised. In 1999 he was promoted to art director and oversaw titles from the WildStorm Productions, Homage Comics, Cliffhanger! Productions, and America's Best Comics lines.

 "I'm really looking forward to working on projects from the beginning and having more input on development," says Sinclair. "I think my art and design experience will help make some of our upcoming projects even better, and, coming from a visual background, I'm also looking forward to working more with text and writing."

Sinclair will upcoming editing projects including the miniseries Thundercats: The Dogs of War and Stormwatch: Team Achilles as well as co-editing Tom Strong's Terrific Tales with Dunbier.

"I couldn't be more pleased to have Alex Sinclair join the WildStorm editorial team," says Dunbier. "He brings with him a keen eye for new talent and a tremendous love and understanding of visual storytelling. This, coupled with the fact that he's already been a part of our La Jolla family for years, makes him the perfect choice."

"Alex has long expressed interest in the editorial side of things," says Jim Lee, WildStorm's Editorial Director. "He's been with the company for more than a decade, and he knows the WildStorm characters as well as anyone. It's great to have someone so capable and knowledgeable joining the editorial fold."