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Filmmakers Take Over X Titles

The deals are almost done. Itís been rumored for some time that Bryan Singer (The Usual Suspects), director of both X-Men films, would start writing an X-Men title for Marvel and in the January TV press tour Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly) said he was very interested in doing an X-Men comic book series but that no deal was in place. Marvel, Whedon and Singer have now confirmed that the two writer/directors are in final negotiations to write for Marvel Comics.

Whedon will create a new title, Astonishing X-Men, with John Cassaday handling the art. The first issue is scheduled for a May release.

"There are three reasons why I'm doing this," said Whedon, "One, I get to write the X-Men, a comic I grew up reading. It's probably the biggest influence on my work there is. Two, I want to personalize things and figure who these characters are to me now. And three, [the character] Kitty Pryde. She was not a small influence on Buffy. I get to use her, and that sealed the deal."

Meanwhile Singer, will work with the writers for X2: X-Men United, Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris, to write for the current title Ultimate X-Men. Singer will primarily be overseeing the title and the title of the book become Bryan Singer Presents The Ultimate X-Men, but Singer will also write some issues himself.

-- Beth Hannan Rimmels