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Comic Book News

       Singleton to Take on Hero for Hire (3-3-04)

       Filmmakers Take Over X Titles (2-27-04)

       Punisher II Already in the Works (2-27-04)

       Theron Drawn to Aeon Flux (2-27-04)

       Watanabe Wants to Play Ras Al Ghul (2-24-04)

       Damion Scott New Artist for Robin (2-10-04)

       Comic Books Honored by Horror Guild (2-10-04)

       SF and Comics Great Julius Schwartz Dead  (2-9-04)

       New Cover for Batman #612 Second Printing (3-7-03)

       Elfquest Settles at DC  (3-6-03)

       Boreanaz Kills Superman Rumor (3-4-03)

       Marvel, Fox Settle Mutant Dispute (3-4-03)

       Teen Titans Debut in August on Cartoon Network (3-4-03)

       New 'Nuff Said Segments to Air (3-4-03)

       Alex Sinclair Named Editor at WildStorm (3-4-03)

       Garner Leaps Into Elektra Spin-off  (2-27-03)

       Hartnett Won't Fill Superman's Cape (2-27-03)

       Geoff Johns Exclusively DC (2-21-03)

       Dark Horse Launches Rocket Comics  (12-19-02)

       Eddie Berganza is Superman's New Boss (12-19-02)

       Grayson Makes DC Her Home (12-12-02)

       Mike McKone Belongs to DC (12-10-02)

       Winick Joins Comic Books Fight AIDS (11-24-02)

        Nuff Said! Guest Updates (11-19-02)

         Two Special Editions of Nuff Said (11-14-02)

         CBLDF Challenges SC Internet Law (11-14-02)

         Alex Ross Coffee Table Book (11-12-02)

         Walter Simonson Goes Exclusive With DC (11-5-02)

         Judd Winick Signs With DC (10-17-02)

         Brubaker and Fisher Re-Up (10-8-02)

         Alan Moore Announces Courtyard (10-8-02)

         Alan Moore's Top Shelf (10-7-02)

         Cartoon Network Nabs Teen Titans (9-30-02)

         Herobear Flies to Universal (5-1-02)

         Denson Featured on Oxygen (4-30-02)

         Self Dives into Sub-Mariner (4-26-02)

         Blade Action Times Three (3-4-02)

         Connery Makes Gentlemen Agreement  (2-21-02)

         Blackjack Deal (2-15-02)

         Hayter Won't Watch the Watchmen  (10-2-01)

         Paramount, Marvel in Deathlok  (8-31-01)

         Turtles Coming Out of Their Shell  (8-30-01)

         Blackhawk Artist Cuidera Dead  (8-26-01)

         Blade 3 Being Sharpened  (8-20-01)

         Court Doesn't Stop Mutant X  (8-10-01)

         WB Backs Super Team  (8-7-01)

         Khazei Dons Mask 2  (7-31-01)

         Wong to Forge Iron Fist  (7-26-01)

         O'Toole's Smallville Supermom  (7-10-01)

         Gaiman's Valentine  (7-9-01)

         Witchblade Marathon  (6-27-01)

         McDaniel, McGuinness Continue Exclusivity  (6-26-01)

         Helkon Dives Into Gene Pool (6-21-01)

         Fans Tearing Out to Get Fray  (6-21-01)

         Daltrey Rocks Witchblade  (6-20-01)

         Sub-Mariner Swims to Universal  (6-8-01)

         Shea Morphs Into Mutant X (6-5-01)

         CDNOW Recruits Kochalka  (6-4-01)

         Avatar Pairs Avengelyne and Shi (6-3-01)

         Lions Gate Pursues Comic Book Villain  (6-1-01)

         Dimension's Cloak and Dagger Deal (5-31-01)

         TNT Charmed, to Share Smallville With WB (5-22-01)

         Woods Exclusively DC (5-22-01)

         Linsner, O'Barr Make Peregrine's Wish (5-14-01)

         WB Re-arranges Buffy-less Schedule, Picks Smallville  (5-13-01)

         Kochalka Exhibited in Lisbon  (5-1-01)

         Janssen Considers Villainess Vamp for MIB2 (4-15-01)

         Fox Attacks Mutant X (4-12-01)

         Casting News (4-11-01)

         Jingle Belle Returns to Oni Press (4-10-01)

         Judd a Purr-fect Catwoman (4-2-01)

         Avengers/JLA to Team (3-7-01)

         Spider-Man Crewman Killed (3-6-01)

         SF Casting News (including Alien news) (2-5-01)

         Dark Horse's New Venture (1-30-01)

         Harvey Award Ballots Released (1-30-01)

         Akira Restored, Re-released in U.S. (1-26-01)

         JLA Answers Cartoon's Call (1-24-01)

         Tarsem Takes on Hell with Constantine (1-23-01)

         Cameron's Coffin  (1-19-01)

         Columbia Grabs Spawn (1-19-01)

         DC Celebrated at GLAAD Media Awards (1-16-01)

         Lee Goes From Tiger to Hulk (1-12-01)

         Park Gets Iron Fist (1-3-01)

         Three More for Spider-Man's Web (12-19-00)

         Henderson Dives into SpongeBob SquarePants  (11-30-00)

         Investors Buy Harvey Comics (8-24-00)

         Gaiman, CBLDF Announce Last Angel Tour (8-23-00)

         WB Has Two Batmen (8-22-00)

         Deadman Comes to Life for TNT, WB (8-22-00)

         Hayter to Write Hulk, Pitch Black 2 (8-21-00)

         MGM Grabs JMS's Rising Stars (8-16-00)

         Norrington, Goyer May Ride Ghost Together (8-15-00)

         Burchett Goes Exclusive With DC (8-11-00)

         Hanks, Mendes to Film Graphic Novel Perdition (8-9-00)

         JMS Goes From Comics to Film/Mage News (8-8-00)

         McDaniel Extends Exclusive Contract With DC (8-2-00)

         DC Relents on "Letitia" After Eisner Wins (7-25-00)

         Gene Simmons/Pacifica Acquire Sable (7-24-00)

         ABC/DC Win Big at Eisner Awards (7-22-00)

         Oni Gets Rucka's New Series (7-20-00)

         Straczynski's Comic Book Commitment (6-26-00)

         Poison Corrected (6-23-00)

         Li To Become Kato (6-22-00)

         Fox Watches Mutants (6-21-00)

         Spider-Man Captures Writer (6-16-00)

         Lobo, Gotham Girls Webisodes To Debut (6-15-00)

         Sony Gets Dirge's Lenore (5-23-00)

         Ghost Rider Taken By Sky (5-18-00)

         Marvel and Artisan Team Up (5-16-00)

         Stan Lee to Rewrite DC/Jimenez Goes Exclusive (4-12-00)

         Jet Coming to Green Hornet? (4-11-00)

         Alan Gets More Eisner Noms Than the Rest (4-6-00)

         Witch to Switch (4-4-00)

         Columbia Dumps Superheroes (4-4-00)

         Asterix Meets Cleo in Sequel/Teen X-Men (4-4-00)

         Ghost World Casting (4-3-00)

         Depp May Be From Hell (3-10-00)

         Paul Dini's Heroes (3-9-00)

         Kane Memorial Scheduled (3-8-00)

         Directors, Cast Set for Dr. Strange, Superman, Ghost World (2-25-00)

         Todd McFarlane Wins Grammy (2-24-00)

         Johnson Teams Up With Daredevil (2-24-00)

         Howard Porter Renews Contract With DC Comics (2-23-00)

         Artist Steven Hughes Dies (2-18-00)

         Superman Might Fly Again (2-17-00)

         Zander Cannon Joins CBLDF Cruise/Neal Adams to Debut Film (2-17-00)

         X-Men Trailer Debuts (2-17-00)

         TV Veteran Overload (2-17-00)

         Batman Beyond To Return (2-15-00)

         DC Heroes in the Media/The Flash on TV (2-15-00)

         Stone Drops Witchblade (2-10-00)

         Sonnenfeld to Direct The Tick (2-9-00)

         Witchblade/Dr. Strange Productions (2-8-00)

         Linda Medley Boards CBLDF Cruise  (2-2-00)

         Marvel News: Daredevil, Punisher, Thor (2-2-00)

         Comic Book Artist Gil Kane Dead (1-31-00)

         Raimi to Direct Spider-Man (1-27-00)

         Thieves & Kings Posters Finally Available (1-24-00)

         Wait Is Over For Castle Fans (1-22-00)

         Judd Winick Boards CBLDF Cruise (1-20-00)

         UPN/Todd McFarlane Series Deal (1-14-00)

         Raimi in the Lead for Spider-Man (1-10-00)

         Eisner Judges Named/Call for Entries Issued (1-5-00)

         DC's Real-Life "Abel" Mark Hanerfield Dies (1-5-00)

         Warners Orders More Superman, Xena, Kiss (1-4-00)

         Azzarello, Nodell Make Waves (12-31-99)

         Crazy Jane Goes to the Movies (12-24-99)

         Top Cow Announces Butcher Knight (12-22-99)

         Pulido Launches Infinity (12-22-99)

         New Line Fires Up Iron Man (12-17-99)

         Spyglass Commits to Wagner's Mage/FF Movie News (12-15-99)

         Summer Movie Dates Set (12-10-99)

         Fincher, Columbus Vie for Spider-Man (12-9-99)

         Fox Hires 7 F/X Houses for X-Men (12-8-99)

         Gilliam's Good Omens (12-7-99)

Good Omens (12-7-99)

Good Omens (12-7-99)

Good Omens (12-7-99)

Good Omens (12-7-99)

Good Omens (12-7-99)

Good Omens (12-7-99)

Good Omens (12-7-99) Good Omens (12-7-99) Good Omens (12-7-99) Good Omens (12-7-99) Good Omens (12-7-99) Good Omens (12-7-99) Good Omens (12-7-99) Good Omens (12-7-99) Good Omens (12-7-99)

         The Tick Goes Live Action (12-6-99)

         Chris Ware Joins Making Waves (12-6-99)

         Bruce Wayne Series (12-3-99)

         Lea Hernandez's New Web Site (12-2-99)

         Gorilla Comics Unleashed (11-28-99)

         Sony/Marvel Daredevil Deal (11-24-99)

         CBLDF Making Waves With Retailers (11-19-99)

         Hewitt to be MGM/Harvey's Bunny (11-18-99)

         Loncraine to Direct Gaiman's Neverwhere (11-17-99)

         Hitch and Neary Go Exclusive With DC (11-16-99)

         MIB Gets Extra Slot (11-5-99)

         Dorkin and Dyer Make Waves (11-2-99)

         Gaiman & Amano Signing Draw Crowds (11-1-99)

         Gaiman and Amano Signing (10-27-99)

         Batman's Paul Dini Wins WGA Award (10-26-99)

         Top Cow and Erupter Team on Series (10-25-99)

         CBLDF Makes Waves (10-20-99)

         Is Dougray Scott Being X'ed Out?/More Movie Notes (10-8-99)

         WB Online Signs Superman Deal (10-5-99)

         X-Men, Anna Change Release Dates (9-18-99)

         Latest X-Men Movie Casting (9-16-99)

         Trina Robbins Visits New York City (9-13-99)

         CBLDF Extends Mega-Auction (9-11-99)

         Kevin Smith's Dogma Finds a Distributor (9-10-99)

         Buzzboy Plugged in American Pie (9-4-99)

         CBLDF Launches a Mega-Auction on Labor Day (9-3-99)

         Ellen Forney's Monkey Food Book Signing Tour (8-28-99)

         Barry Windsor-Smith's Fall Book Tour (8-26-99)

         Shadowman the Movie (8-20-99)

         Dimension Signs Torso (8-17-99)

         Books of Lore Goes Bi-Monthly in September (8-6-99)

         Maul Meets Magneto in X-Men

         Scott Lobdell signs Dimension Deal (8-1-99)

         Wildstorm and DC Comics Sign Deal With Paramount for Star Trek Comics (7-30-99)

         Neil Gaiman's Gods & Tulips

         Stalled Men in Black Sequel Gets Writer (7-21-99)

         Random House Signs Akiko (7-17-99)

         Marvel Comics Boss Discusses Screen Deals (7-14-99)

         Strange Doings for Warren Ellis at Avatar (7-13-99)

         Wolff & Byrd Change Title (7-3-99)

         Kevin Smith, Meet Harley Quinn (6-28-99)

         X-Men Film to Begin Shooting in Sept (6-11-99)




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