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       Singleton to Take on Hero for Hire (3-3-04)

       Filmmakers Take Over X Titles (2-27-04)

       Punisher II Already in the Works (2-27-04)

       Theron Drawn to Aeon Flux (2-27-04)

       Watanabe Wants to Play Ras Al Ghul (2-24-04)

       Damion Scott New Artist for Robin (2-10-04)

       Comic Books Honored by Horror Guild (2-10-04)

       SF and Comics Great Julius Schwartz Dead  (2-9-04)

       New Cover for Batman #612 Second Printing (3-7-03)

       Elfquest Settles at DC  (3-6-03)

       Owen Crowned King (3-6-03)

       Boreanaz Kills Superman Rumor (3-4-03)

       Marvel, Fox Settle Mutant Dispute (3-4-03)

       Teen Titans Debut in August on Cartoon Network (3-4-03)

       New 'Nuff Said Segments to Air (3-4-03)

       Alex Sinclair Named Editor at WildStorm (3-4-03)

       Olmos Considering Galactica Command (3-3-03)

       Hedlund Takes on Troy (3-3-03)

       Max Stopped by War Fear (3-2-03)

       Angel Does Double Duty for TNT (2-27-03)

       Garner Leaps Into Elektra Spin-off  (2-27-03)

       Hartnett Won't Fill Superman's Cape (2-27-03)

       Devlin Charges Into Mech Movie (2-27-03)

       Fire on Harry Potter Set (2-23-03)

       Geoff Johns Exclusively DC (2-21-03)

       Kidman Purr-suing Catwoman (2-5-03)

       Dark Horse Launches Rocket Comics  (12-19-02)

       Eddie Berganza is Superman's New Boss (12-19-02)

       Grayson Makes DC Her Home (12-12-02)

       Mike McKone Belongs to DC (12-10-02)

       Winick Joins Comic Books Fight AIDS (11-24-02)

       Nuff Said! Guest Updates (11-19-02)

        Two Special Editions of Nuff Said (11-14-02)

         CBLDF Challenges SC Internet Law (11-14-02)

         Alex Ross Coffee Table Book (11-12-02)

         Sci Fi Approves Stargate, Dream (11-8-02)

         Cassidy and Raimi Sign CBS Deal (11-7-02)

         Conan Invades Dark Horse (11-6-02)

         Walter Simonson Goes Exclusive With DC (11-5-02)

         Judd Winick Signs With DC (10-17-02)

         Brubaker and Fisher Re-Up (10-8-02)

         Alan Moore Announces Courtyard (10-8-02)

         Alan Moore's Top Shelf (10-7-02)

         Cartoon Network Nabs Teen Titans (9-30-02)

         Herobear Flies to Universal (5-1-02)

         Denson Featured on Oxygen (4-30-02)

         Self Dives into Sub-Mariner (4-26-02)

         Sci Fi and TNT to Share X-Files (4-3-02)

         Blade Action Times Three (3-4-02)

         Potter Players No Longer Secret (3-2-02)

         Connery Makes Gentlemen Agreement  (2-21-02)

         Loken Wired for T3 (2-21-02)


         Blackjack Deal (2-15-02)


         Isaacs Hated in Potter 2 (2-10-02)

         Saint Obi-Wan?  (10-14-01)

         Damned Dedication To Aaliyah  (10-2-01)

         Farscape to Roam for 2 More Years  (10-2-01)

         Hayter Won't Watch the Watchmen  (10-2-01)

         Ledger Accepts Sin  (10-1-01)

         De Luca Lands Planet (9-5-01)

         Paramount, Marvel in Deathlok  (8-31-01)

         Turtles Coming Out of Their Shell  (8-30-01)

         Matrix Team Mourns Aaliyah  (8-27-01)

         Artist Cuidera Dead  (8-26-01)

         Blade 3 Being Sharpened  (8-20-01)

         Elwes Seeking Truth in X-Files  (8-10-01)

         Court Doesn't Stop Mutant X  (8-10-01)

         Rowling Denies Writer's Block  (8-9-01)

         WB Backs Super Team  (8-7-01)

         Rings Writer Sails to Earthsea  (8-7-01)

         Roswell Lands Rodriguez  (8-7-01)

         DreamWorks May Throw in With Kung Fu  (8-7-01)

         Ramses Scribe Rescheduled  (8-7-01)

         Star Wars II Gets a Name  (8-6-01)

         Bernhardt to Build Frankenstein  (8-6-01)

         GLAAD Unhappy With Smith  (8-3-01)

         Ramses Scribe on Today; Gets New Movie Deal  (8-3-01)

         Khazei Dons Mask 2  (7-31-01)

         Lawrence Dives Into Wolf Lake  (7-31-01)

         Now & Again at Sci Fi  (7-31-01)

         Wong to Forge Iron Fist  (7-26-01)

         Baird Takes the Helm of Star Trek 10  (7-25-01)

         Banderas Versus Liu  (7-24-01)

         Norrington Picks Up Hammer of God  (7-24-01)

         Ellis Heads for Destination 2  (7-23-01)

         O'Toole's Smallville Supermom  (7-10-01)

         Gaiman's Valentine  (7-9-01)

         Fantasy DVD To Be Interactive  (7-9-01)

         Hopper Explores Flatland  (7-9-01)

         New Line Recruits Darksiders  (7-9-01)

         Brouhaha  (7-9-01)

         Axis Rises in 2002  (7-9-01)

         BBC, Whedon Set Stakes for Buffy Spin-off  (7-8-01)

         Sisqo, IMX Follow the Road to O.Z.  (7-6-01)

         Long Banned Clockwork Orange Airs  (7-4-01)

         Rollerball Rolled Back to 2002  (7-2-01)

         Mel, Night's Signs at Delaware Valley  (7-1-01)

         Galactica Finds Home at Fox  (6-29-01)

         Weller and Gorham's Odyssey  (6-28-01)

         Columbus Talks About Potter; Potter 2 Casting Rumor  (6-27-01)

         Witchblade Marathon  (6-27-01)

         McDaniel, McGuinness Continue Exclusivity  (6-26-01)

         Marsters Stakes Out Andromeda (6-21-01)

         Helkon Dives Into Gene Pool (6-21-01)

         Fans Tearing Out to Get Fray  (6-21-01)

         Daltrey Rocks Witchblade  (6-20-01)

         Fox Searchlight Takes 28 Days Later  (6-15-01)

         Dimension Finds Junk (6-14-01)

         Warner Bros Says "I Do" to Fraud Prince

         WB Hopes Doubling Up Drains Buffy (6-08-01)


         Sci Fi Holds Le Guin's Hand  (6-6-01)

         Ruffalo Follows Signs (6-6-01)

         Snow, Glass, Apples at Sci Fi  (6-6-01)

         Shea Morphs Into Mutant X (6-5-01)

         CDNOW Recruits Kochalka  (6-4-01)

         Avatar Pairs Avengelyne and Shi (6-3-01)

         Second Dose of Shrek  (6-1-01)

         Lions Gate Pursues Comic Book Villain  (6-1-01)

         Dimension Takes Camelot to TV

         Dimension's Cloak and Dagger Deal (5-31-01)

         Fiona Enchants The WB (5-31-01)

         No Fairy Tale: Miramax Gets Artemis (5-29-01)

         TNT Charmed, to Share Smallville With WB (5-22-01)

         Segal Pondering StarChild (5-22-01)

         Woods Exclusively DC (5-22-01)

         Sci Fi Gets Earthsea, Other Miniseries (5-21-01)

         Hanks Takes Road to Fox (5-21-01)

         Linsner, O'Barr Make Peregrine's Wish (5-14-01)

         WB Re-arranges Buffy-less Schedule (5-13-01)

         Essex Gets Rice's Mummy (5-9-01)

         Kochalka Exhibited in Lisbon  (5-1-01)


         Fox Attacks Mutant X (4-12-01)

         Casting News (4-11-01)

         Jingle Belle Returns to Oni Press (4-10-01)

         Judd a Purr-fect Catwoman (4-2-01)

         Dragonrider Thrown from WB  (3-29-01)

         Fox Nabs Toon Buffy, Evolution  (3-28-01)

         UPN Stalking Buffy  (3-22-01)

         Timberlake Crows for O.Z.   (3-22-01)


         Need, Amnesia Find Homes  (3-22-01)

         Dimension Goes for Duke Nukem (3-20-01)

         Pair Jump Into The Matrix (3-9-01)

         Avengers/JLA to Team (3-7-01)

         Strike Threat Silences Sound (3-7-01)

         Peter Pan Video Grows Into Film (3-7-01)

         Spider-Man Crewman Killed (3-6-01)

         Miramax Grabs Avalon (3-6-01)

         Morris Attends Report (3-6-01)

         A Bigger Beauty and the Beast (2-6-01)

         SF Casting News (including Alien news) (2-5-01)

         Davis Jumps Below (2-2-01)

         Aaliyah Enters The Matrix (1-30-01)

         Atkinson Stalks Scooby Gang (1-30-01)

         Dark Horse's New Venture (1-30-01)

         Harvey Award Ballots Released (1-30-01)

         Sci Fi Talking to B5 Team (1-29-01)

         Buffy Gets Spanked (Figuratively)  (1-26-01)

         Akira Restored, Re-released in U.S. (1-26-01)

         JLA Answers Cartoon's Call (1-24-01)

         Powerpuff Girls Switch Voices (1-24-01)

         Tarsem Takes on Hell with Constantine (1-23-01)

         Makeup Oscar Field Narrowed (1-23-01)

         Lindo, Statham Join Revolution's One  (1-19-01)

         Cameron's Coffin  (1-19-01)

         Columbia Grabs Spawn (1-19-01)

         Dimension, Twohy Get Glass Hand (1-16-01)

         DC Celebrated at GLAAD Media Awards (1-16-01)

         Lee Goes From Tiger to Hulk (1-12-01)

         Park Gets Iron Fist (1-3-01)

         Gish Assigned to The X-Files (1-3-01)

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