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           Year 2001 News Table of Contents

         Jet Li Logging Out, Yeoh Logging Into The Matrix II (12-19-00)

         Three More for Spider-Man's Web (12-19-00)

         Fox Restores Freaky Fridays (12-15-00)

         Henderson Dives into SpongeBob SquarePants  (11-30-00)

         Fanaro Recruited for MIB2 (11-29-00)

         Lillard Gets Shaggy (11-21-00)

         Kavalier & Clay's Hollywood Adventure (10-19-00)

         Matrix's Morpheus Courts Pinkett Smith (10-17-00)

         Scooby-Doo Goes Live (10-17-00)

         Henson Tells Jack's "Real Story" (10-10-00)

         Jet Li to be Roth's One (10-4-00)

         The Devil, Hopkins and Baldwin (10-4-00)

         Elizabeth Sees 13 Ghosts (10-4-00)

         E.T.'s Anniversary (9-6-00)

         Jurassic 3 Is a "Tween-quel" (9-5-00)

         SF Movie Notes (9-5-00)

         SF Casting News (9-1-00)

         Williams to Narrate A.I./RKO, Roman to Animate Old Swashbucklers (8-25-00)

         Potter Castings Confirmed (8-24-00)

         Cameron's Clout Alters Angel's Airing (8-24-00)

         Investors Buy Harvey Comics (8-24-00)

         Rare Fantasia Set for DVD Release (8-24-00)

         Gaiman, CBLDF Announce Last Angel Tour (8-23-00)

         Outer Limits May Go Further (8-23-00)

         Rhymer's Rewriting Jumanji II/Travis to Star in King's Rose Red  (8-23-00)

         Logan Runs to Online World (8-23-00)

         WB Has Two Batmen (8-22-00)

         Deadman Comes to Life for TNT, WB (8-22-00)

         Potter Is Picked  (8-21-00)

         Hayter to Write Hulk, Pitch Black 2 (8-21-00)

         Gleeson Gets A.I., Gangs (8-21-00)

         Duchovny Goes From X to Evolution/Crossing Over Continued (8-18-00)

         Zondag Raised by Ghosts (8-17-00)

         Rollins Has Night Visions (8-17-00)

         MGM Grabs JMS's Rising Stars (8-16-00)

         Nikita & Madeline Might Not Be Canceled After All (8-16-00)

         Norrington, Goyer May Ride Ghost Together (8-15-00)

         WB, USA Try to Rescue Nikita (8-14-00)

         New Line Acquires D&D  (8-14-00)

         Burchett Goes Exclusive With DC (8-11-00)

         Spielberg's Big Fish (8-10-00)

         Furlong Joins T3 (8-10-00)

         Hanks, Mendes to Film Graphic Novel Perdition (8-9-00)

         Tea Leoni Joins Jurassic Park 3 (8-9-00)

         Clerks Toon Gets Second Try on DVD (8-9-00)

         Universal Takes Untitled House of Horrors
         Peter Pan Might Fly With Hogan

         JMS Goes From Comics to Film/Mage News (8-8-00)

         Paxton to Reteam With McConaughey on Frailty (8-4-00)

         McDaniel Extends Exclusive Contract With DC (8-2-00)

         DC Relents on "Letitia" After Eisner Wins (7-25-00)

         New Star Wars RPG Coming (7-25-00)

         Smits Finished With Star Wars (7-24-00)

         Gene Simmons/Pacifica Acquire Sable (7-24-00)

         Pullman Has Night Visions (7-24-00)

         ABC/DC Win Big at Eisner Awards (7-22-00)

         Oni Gets Rucka's New Series (7-20-00)

         Fox Tests Four Partners for Scully (7-17-00)

         2000 Aurora Award Winners Announced (7-17-00)

         One-of-a-Kind Items at CBLDF Auction Extravaganza (7-15-00)

         Escape Running to Syndication/Townsend to Be Damned Vampire (7-14-00)

         Cameron Won't Be Back for T3 (7-12-00)

         2000 Locus Award Winners  (7-6-00)

         Haas Joins Long Time Dead (7-5-00)

         Asimov Prolific in Hollywood, Too (6-27-00)

         SF Casting News (6-26-00)

         Straczynski's Comic Book Commitment (6-26-00)

         ABC Announces Fantasy Film Line-Up (6-26-00)

         Nikita Fans' Rescue Mission (6-26-00)

         Adams Finishes Hitchhiker Script/Poison Corrected (6-23-00)

         Indiana Jones and the Terminator Will Be Back  (6-22-00)
         Hollywood Willing to Pay for Audience-Pleasing Characters, Including MIB and Superman

         Li To Become Kato (6-22-00)

         Cruise Considering Death Race/Butler to Serve as Craven's Dracula (6-22-00)

         Buffy's New Girlfriend/Orbach's Latest Mystery  (6-22-00)

         Minority Grabs Damon/Hogan Returns to Dundee (6-21-00)

         Fox Watches Mutants/Darkness Comes to the Net (6-21-00)

         Will Arnold Be Back in T3? (6-20-00)

         Neill Considering Jurassic 3/Gromit Finding Home at DreamWorks (6-20-00)

         Spider-Man Captures Writer (6-16-00)

         Lobo, Gotham Girls Webisodes To Debut (6-15-00)

         Maggie Smith To Teach Harry? (6-13-00)

         Paramount start Clock With Frakes (5-30-00)

         Sony Gets Dirge's Lenore (5-23-00)

         Ghost Rider Taken By Sky (5-18-00)

         Marvel and Artisan Team Up (5-16-00)

         Battlefield Earth Cast Makes The List (5-4-00)

         MZB's Fantasy Magazine to Close (5-2-00)

         Stephenson, Le Guin Win Awards (5-2-00)

         Cameron Rejects Terminator 3 (4-19-00)

         Jet to Be King/Augur Predicts His Return (4-17-00)

         Illustrator Edward Gorey Dies (4-16-00)

         Notes on MIB2, SW2 and Neil Gaiman (4-14-00)

         Stan Lee to Rewrite DC/Jimenez Goes Exclusive (4-12-00)

         Traci Lords Catches First Wave (4-12-00)

         Jet Coming to Green Hornet?/Sci Fi Gets Skins (4-11-00)

         Universal Buys Immortals/Ghosts Looking for Love/Fox Gets Agent Joe (4-7-00)

         Alan Gets More Eisner Noms Than the Rest (4-6-00)

         Secret Agent Out in the Cold/Columbia Dumps Superheroes/A.I. and Gunmen Casting (4-4-00)

         Asterix Meets Cleo in Sequel/Teen X-Men/Diggs Takes Librium (4-4-00)

         Witch to Switch (4-4-00)

         Ice Comes to Ghosts of Mars/Caviezel Dubbed Count of Monte Cristo (4-3-00)

         Ghost World Casting/SciFi Gets B5 (4-3-00)

         Rifkin Joins SF Action/Comedy Posse (3-31-00)

         Rocket to Patrol/NASA Hires Hollywood/Tag, Paramount's It (3-31-00)

         God Is Dead (3-30-00)

         Depp May Be From Hell/Wildmon Protest God/Tucker Exits Knight  (3-10-00)

         Paul Dini's Heroes/Frost Joins Souls/B5 Star Wins Election (3-9-00)

         Buffy Casting/Kane Memorial/Directing Potter/I Spy the Big Screen (3-8-00)

         Four More Turn on God/Travolta May Play Solitaire (3-8-00)

         Actor John Colicos Dies (3-7-00)

         Dragon Film Being Hatched/South Park Wants ABC Bleeps (3-7-00)

         Touchstone Takes SF Tripod Trilogy (3-6-00)

         God Dropped Again/Pietz Joins Cursed/Davis Scores Damned  (3-6-00)

         Jolie To Raid Tomb/Salt Lake's KSL Kills God (3-3-00)

         Gray Leaves Black/Roswell Moves (3-2-00)

         Smith Angry Over Clerks Delay/Buffy & Angel Re-Upped (2-25-00)

         Directors, Cast Set for Dr. Strange, Superman, Ghost World (2-25-00)

         Todd McFarlane Wins Grammy (2-24-00)

         Johnson Teams Up With Daredevil (2-24-00)

         Columbus Leads Potter/Jehovah Contract Optioned/Others Time Swap (2-24-00)

         Roddenberry on EFC Changes/Disney Acquires Red Hood (2-24-00)

         Spielberg Turns Down Potter (2-23-00)

         HBO Revives Creature Features (2-23-00)

         Howard Porter Renews Contract With DC Comics (2-23-00)

         Bentley Is Lestat/Ralston Leaves Jumanji 2/Trek Film Definite (2-23-00)

         Smith, Torn Join MIB Attack (2-23-00)

         Samaha, Canton Join Forces on Six (2-23-00)

         Burton Goes Ape for Remake (2-22-00)

         Spielberg Seems Likely to Report Rather Than Potter (2-22-00)

         Knight Gets Black and Blu  (2-22-00)

         Huston, Margulies Mulling Mists of Avalon (2-18-00)

         Takei Willing to Captain the Excelsior (2-18-00)

         Artist Steven Hughes Dies (2-18-00)

         X-Men Trailer Debuts/Star Wars DVD/Rings Controversy (2-17-00)

         Superman Might Fly Again (2-17-00)

         TV Veteran Overload (2-17-00)

         Zander Cannon Joins CBLDF Cruise/Neal Adams to Debut Film (2-17-00)

         Buffy Casting/No Recall for Frakes/Indy's Willing (2-16-00)

         Batman Beyond To Return (2-15-00)

         Dilbert Episode to Air on Net (2-15-00)

         DC Heroes in the Media/The Flash on TV (2-15-00)

         Lucasfilm Denies PC Casting Story (2-10-00)

         Stone Drops Witchblade (2-10-00)

         Sonnenfeld to Direct The Tick (2-9-00)

         Klein to Suit Up For Rollerball (2-9-00)

         Excelsior Campaign Delayed (2-9-00)

         Lucasfilm Plans a More PC Star Wars (2-9-00)

         Witchblade/Dr. Strange Productions (2-8-00)

         Red Planet Grounded Again (2-4-00)

         Fox OKs Lone Gunmen Spin-off (2-4-00)

         Linda Medley Boards CBLDF Cruise  (2-2-00)

         Marvel News: Daredevil, Punisher, Thor (2-2-00)

         Comic Book Artist Gil Kane Dead (1-31-00)

         Tim Burton Takes Stainboy Online (1-28-00)

         Raimi to Direct Spider-Man (1-27-00)

         Dark Shadows to Land on Broadway (1-25-00)

         Cobb Joins Sorbo in Andromeda (1-25-00)

         Thieves & Kings Posters Finally Available (1-24-00)

         Wait Is Over For Castle Fans (1-22-00)

         Fraser, Weisz Sign Onto Mummy 2 (1-20-00)

         Judd Winick Boards CBLDF Cruise (1-20-00)

         Frakes to Direct Total Recall 2, SF Comedy (1-19-00)

         Spielberg Picks Potter (1-17-00)

         Moose and Squirrel Open Early (1-17-00)

         Mutant to Shoot in the Fall (1-17-00)

         UPN/Todd McFarlane Series Deal (1-14-00)

         Beacon Acquired Dark Wood Robin Hood Novel (1-14-00)

         FX Takes Harsh Realm, Might Produce More (1-11-00)

         Raimi in the Lead for Spider-Man (1-10-00)

         Eisner Judges Named/Call for Entries Issued (1-5-00)

         DC's Real-Life "Abel" Mark Hanerfield Dies (1-5-00)

         Hurley and O'Connor Bedazzled (1-5-00)

         WB Orders More Superman, Xena, Kiss (1-4-00)

           1999 News Table of Contents




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